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About Ross Buckner Art

Want to know more about who Ross is and what he does? Below you will find out this and more, as we delve into the history of his art and who the artist behind the pencils actually is. 

Ross Buckner standing in City Arts Gallery

Art is a lot of things for a lot of people. For some, it is an emotional journey, for others a delve into creative techniques. For Ross, it is a means to express himself, in a visual language when verbal communication fails to hit the mark.

Inspired by the animal kingdom and the innocence and purity of the denizens within, Ross's work aims to capture and recreate the character and personality of these individuals in vibrant and resonant watercolour pencils.

Creating works of art from his small studio room at his home in Andover, Ross is always looking to expand his knowledge and skill whilst remaining true to himself and his need for expression.

Life begets art, and art begets life.

Who am I?

I'm Ross Buckner and creating characterful animal portraits and scenes is my joy. I am located in Andover, Hampshire.

What do I do?

I'm a watercolour pencil portrait artist.

My background?

I started drawing in 2018 in my spare time, and I'm completely self taught. Since then I have created works for clients in the UK, Europe and America.


Drawing is a creative outlet for me, but also a therapy of sorts. Having Alexithymia (Emotional Blindness) it is hard for me to express myself socially, but through my artistry I have a means to do so through the colourful characters I create.

I am inspired by nature and more specifically its denizens. Birds especially sing to me, with their freedom and graceful flights of fancy.

Many people claim my work is photorealistic, but I like to think it blends both realism and impressionism together, a yearning to create that fine detail but an appreciation of dabbling in colour palettes that stray from the 'norm'.

Ross Buckner at his art desk in his studio
Ross Buckner standing by his work in the Insight Exhibition


Picked up Pencils for the first time. Started on the creative journey.


Became accredited with Open Studios West Berkshire and North Hampshire.

Took part in first ever exhibition at The Base, Greenham.


Exhibited with Howarth's Gallery, Arlington Arts, The Base and City Arts Newbury.


Started work on Illustrating a children's language book for an American author.


Exhibited at Proteus Creation Space as part of 7Artists+.

Moved from headshots to full animal scenes, an evolution of his artform.

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