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Hampshire Open Studio's

Every August artists across the Hampshire region in the UK, open their doors and let the public in, to showcase their creativity and artistic talent. Hampshire Open Studio's is an organisation that promotes these artists and supports them in the journey to better understand themselves and their art. Ross is a participating member in this organisation.

Multiple prints and original works of art by Ross Buckner
Ross Buckner standing next to his works of art
Proteus Creation space, with 7Artists+ banner.

Hampshire Open Studio's is an art organisation that promotes and showcases all the local talented artists and crafts people in Hampshire, UK. Over 250 artists studios and venues open their doors in August each year, enticing the public to immerse themselves in creativity and be inspired by meeting the artists directly. Run by Lesley Self, this organisation allows artists to publicly showcase who they are, and what they can do to the greater community.

Ross Buckner is a member of this group and has aimed to bring his best work to the stage, showcasing what watercolour pencils can do. Evolving his work through inspiration from the organisation, he has been showcasing with 7Artists+ at Proteus Creation Space, Basingstoke, UK from the 2023.

If you wish to find out more about Hampshire Open Studio's and what they do, feel free to visit the website:

Hampshire Open Studios Logo
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